Investor seeking investment and business opportunity

3000000.00 DH

Services à la personne
Août 16, 2019
Pays: Morocco
Région: Chaouia-Ouardigha
Ville: Ben Ahmed
Quartier: Chaouia-Ouardigha

I am Dr Mrs Mamphela a private investor from south Africa interested
and seeking investment or engaged in funding profitable projects with
specific interest in Morocco

Owing to some encumbrance bearing on the funds, the sort of
arrangement i seek with the entrepreneur would not entail the
entrepreneur providing collateral against funds placed at his
disposal, rather it is to be a kind of open partnership Investment
whereby profit gained annually from the investment is Shared at an
agreed ration between the two parties, whereas my placement does not
warrant me ownership of any part of the entrepreneurs business
enterprise or company.

I am actively looking to commit the funds for minimum duration of 3
years, through asset assignment agreement that will grant the
entrepreneur unhindered access to the resources in Morroco for use in
There is a draft MOU with full terms and conditions, i will be waiting
to hear from you in order to know if i should send you the draft MOU
for you to review the terms proposed

I am willing to invest the sum of 2 million Dollars cash.

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